October 12, 2016

Special Ops


Special Operations

Tactical EMS

Tactical EMS or TEMS as it is commonly referred to is an additional certification that requires extensive hands-on training and classroom work. The Tactical EMS course was created using Tactical Combat Casualty Care, (TCCC) guidelines, which was developed by the military. Tactical EMS providers, provide emergency medical care in austere conditions such as on-going active shooter situations.

Dells-Delton EMS Tactical Unit is currently comprised of three members, all of which are certified with the State of Wisconsin as Tactical EMS providers. Dells-Delton EMS does have additional certified Tactical EMS providers on staff but are not currently part of the the response team.

Dells-Delton EMS Tactical EMS unit responds with Columbia County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Response Team (ERT) to provide care to both Law Enforcement Officers and civilians in hazardous situations. Dells-Delton EMS Tactical Unit, along with Columbia County Emergency Response Team may also be requested to neighboring counties and communities for assistance.

Thanks to a generous grants from Walmart and Canadian Pacific Railroad, Dells-Delton EMS was able to purchase bullet-proof vests, helmets and other equipment that is needed to provide the best care possible in the safest manor possible.

Rope Rescue

Dells-Delton EMS Rope Rescue provides high angle and low angle rope rescue for the Wisconsin Dells/Lake Delton area.

The Rope Rescue team is a combination team consisting of Delton Fire Department firefighters and Dells-Delton EMS paramedics.

Rope rescue is high risk technical rescue situation and requires continuous training. Initially certification is provided by Progress Rescue Solutions, Inc. There are three levels of certification: Rope Rescue I, II, and III. Rope Rescue trains once a month to keep current on skills. Our Lake Delton Station has a 5 story training tower that has a roof that can be used for rope work.
Rope Rescue also may respond mutual aid to surrounding areas for assistance. The most common mutual aid is with Baraboo Rope Rescue for assistance at Devils Lake State Park.